Healing Words

I invite you to use the Healing Words section of this website as a guide to help direct your Journey toward Healing and Wholeness. There is no right or wrong way to use these words. They exist only to guide you toward a greater appreciation of your potential for physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being. Give yourself permission to experiment.


The following suggestions will help get you started:

1. Create a daily ritual that uses a word. Rituals help us to shift from ordinary time and space to sacred space. They can also help us clear our minds and focus on an intention for the well-being of ourselves and/or others. Begin your ritual by placing a candle or lantern on a personal altar or a table in your home. Then, as you light the wick or focus on the flame, state an “intention” in your own words. Your intention could be to listen carefully to whatever a healing word might say to you, no matter how foreign it might sound. Or your intention could be for someone else who is not present to discover the healing benefits of a word that you pick for them. After stating your intention, randomly pick a word. Allow time for it to evoke thoughts and images before reading the quotes and others’ commentaries. You can also decide not to bother to look at what others have to say at all. The choice is yours.

2. Before going to bed for the night, pick a word. Focus on it and/or read what’s written about it. Write the word down on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow. Let the word dance before your mind’s eye as you drift off to sleep. If the word speaks to you in a dream, take note of it. Keep a pad or tape recorder by your bedside so you don’t have to get up.

3. Take time to journal about a word you’ve picked. Consider writing a poem about it, or “playing” it like the blues on a harmonica or a celestial harp on the black keys of a piano. Try expressing one or more healing words with any art materials you have on hand – markers, crayons, clay, paint, pastels, or just a pencil or a pen.

4. Walk or sit with the word. Walking or sitting with a word in a natural setting such as a park, garden, beach, forest, or desert can awaken dormant healing images in your psyche and soul. Additionally, if you find that a word suddenly inspires you to do something you wouldn’t normally do – like bake a loaf of bread, telephone someone, or go to sacred ground such as a church, synagogue, river, desert, or mountain top – follow your nose, instincts, or intuition and respect the fact that it may be a signpost leading you to a healing path.

5. Pick a word and ponder it while stuck at a red light or put on “hold.” Try repeating the word you chose like a mantra as you drive somewhere or wait patiently for the party on the other end of the phone to answer your call. You might also pick a word when you get stuck waiting for an appointment in, of course, a waiting room.

6. Experiment with Healing Words in group settings, too. When someone you know is suffering physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually, invite people to gather in a healing circle. It can be just for women, men, or both men and women. Create rituals for your time together that use Healing Words and other symbols of health, wholeness, and healing. These rituals can either come out of your religious and ethnic backgrounds or from other sources.